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Here are a few of my favourite snaps of my travels… and some ramblings. I hope that some of you visiting the mentioned places will find a few useful tips. Enjoy your travels!

From the less touristy beaches of Goa to the backwaters of Kerala.


India is one of my favourite places in the world. I love the chaos, the dust, the smell of aromatic spices teamed with the total opposite! Yoga and spiritual peaceful retreats away from the hustle and bustle. I need to go back here soon.

Tips: Go to Patmen beach it is much less touristy than Candolim.

Hire a boat and sail the backwaters of Kerala.

Do sunset yoga at least once :)

Africa has a way of pulling on your heartstrings. Here are a few of the beautiful kids I met in Gambia.

422793_10151407166120008_901960668_n 391512_10151419751130008_113835260_n


They were lucky enough to get into a school that was solely charity funded some of the children in neighbouring villages as young as 3 years old were sent by their families to wait outside the school every day just in case they could get in.

It was heartbreaking as lots had no shoes on and bleeding feet from walking on the stones in the arid landscape for hours in the heat. Beautiful people and place but they always need help and support. It was kind of disconcerting to see a hugely expensive and decadent statue of the president near his beachfront pad whilst these kids had to rely on donations from tourists and more affluent Gambians.

Here are a few of these types of charities if you fancy lending a hand. You can volunteer, send over some pens/books etc or just give a donation :)


Tips: Get out of the hotel and go and see the real Gambia, visit the schools and meet the locals.


Sri Lanka!



I have already done a blog post about Helga’s Folly in Kandys Hills in Sri Lanka it is in the travel section if you fancy a weird and wonderful few days somewhere amazing. I love this photo with the monkey. He has a haircut like Boris Johnson.

The Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka was amazing too. Such beautiful creatures!

Tips: Go meet Helga at Helgas Folly in Kandy. Girls make sure you cover up well as is customary, Kandy is less touristy so you may get unwanted attention if you don’t.

Costa Rica!

IMG_5931 IMG_5888 IMG_5853

Magical, beautiful rainforests and stunning sunsets. Puerto Vieja is my favourite place in Costa Rica. The baby monkey was from an animal sanctuary who do a fantastic job there.  If you want to visit/spend a few months volunteering the site is here.

Tips: Look up! Sloths are usually hanging out on telephone wires and trees. Check out ‘Om’ the yoga centre it does the best coffee in Puerto Vieja!

Staying with tribes in Sapa- 2 day trek not for the feint hearted but well worth it!

163054_10150383344315008_1077651_n 166105_10150383344000008_1610226_n

I didn’t book a tour but you can do if you are heading to that part of the world. Info is below They are incredibly welcoming but beware they make homemade rice wine and drink it like water. After a long trek I thought I was being offered a glass of water and got a throat burner instead!

Tip: Vietnam is amazing I spent 2 months there but this was probably one of the highlights you can look into a similar experience here


The Great Wall of China- Beautiful. My favourite thing about China was seeing the Shaolin Monks in the monastry training. Fantastic experience.


IMG_9731 - Copy


Tips: Go and see the Shaolin Monks!


Too many photos for a single blog post but nevertheless a few travel highlights and tips for great experiences.


Catch you soon!

Sara x



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