‘I have often wondered what it is an old building can do to you when you happen to know a little about things that went on long ago in that building’- Carl Sandburg

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So here is a little snapshot video of the site! It’s really coming on.

I’m hoping to get out to Beirut again in the next few weeks to join the Damergi clan in celebrating the next stage! The most painstaking part of the process is almost over and from then on we will see the project rapidly changing and taking form.

So why the quote about old buildings as the title?

Well many years ago my great great grandfather who was a successful merchant owned a building on the very land we are building on now. The knock on effect of War and unlucky circumstances caused the property to fall into disrepair and there were even squatters in there at one stage. My dads dream was to one day rebuild what the family lost and provide future financial security for us children and to teach us development on a bigger scale so we could also look to replicate the business on our own when my dad decides to retire.

So when I refer to it as a family project it really encompasses all generations; past, present and of course future.

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